Common Name to INCI Translator/Converter

No more wasting time looking up each ingredient in long tables!

HOW TO USE: Simply enter your ingredients or copy and paste them into the box below. Each ingredient should be separated by a comma, or on a separate line in a list. Click, "INCI" to convert your common named ingredients into INCI names. Then, click the "COPY TEXT" button. Finally paste the ingredients into your label design. (Note: This service is intended for products sold in the USA. Products distributed in other countries have to be labeled according to their specific market.) 

Whos is this for?

Are you a designer? Do you make your own bath and body or cosmetic products like soap, lotion, scrubs, lip balms and body butters, and you're looking to create your own professional-looking labels? If the answer is yes, then this Common Name to INCI translator or converter is for you? It will convert your list of common names into the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) automatically. No more wasting time, looking up each ingredient in long tables. This tool was created to help save you precious time. We used the 9th Edition CTFA Ingredient Dictionary charts to create this translator. We will continue to make upgrades to the tool, so be sure to bookmark it, so you can use it again and again! It's totally free and super easy to use!


  1.  This tool is still in its beta phase, so double-check all of your ingredients before printing your packaging.

  2. Our list may not be comprehensive or up-to-date, so always double-check with the FDA for most current names. 

  3. Ingredients should be listed from greatest to least in amount

  4. Use shorthand for oils, like "OO" for "Olive Oil", or CA for "Citric Acid." 

  5. For soap making you must enter Sodium Hydroxide for bar soap or Potassium Hydroxide for liquid soap.

  6. Use the word "oil" after the carrier and/or essential oils for the common name

  7. Either use title case (ie. Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Witch Hazel) OR upper case (i.e. SODIUM BICARBONATE, CITRIC ACID, WITCH HAZEL). Do NOT use lower case or sentence case.

  8. Use legible and easy-to-read fonts and type sizes with good contrasting color

We want your feedback on this tool. Click below to let us know how well it works for you! 

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