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Calling all candy corn lovers! This sweetly scented handcrafted bar soap is for you. I don’t know about you but I am ready to put the summer heat behind and gear up for some cooler weather. This cheery fall-themed bar brings back those nostalgic childhood memories of trick-or-treating and Halloween. It boasts a strong, delicious vanilla fragrance, with beautiful notes of fruit, and yummy coconut. The olive oil, castor oil, safflower oil, and coconut oils used in this bar will prep and nourish your skin as the weather begins to change.

Our "frosted" soaps are so cute and so fun, and an even great value! These bars are large and weigh over 7.5 oz each! These high topped soaps are our most creative bars and artistic bars. Each bar is literally unique and one of a kind due to our small batch handmade process. We include moisturizing Coconut and Olive oil in each bar, and some even have luxurious butter such as Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter.  These make great gifts and are great to use all over.

7.5 Ounce Bar 

(Note: Bars are ready to ship on September 10th!
Loaves are made to order. Ships in 4-6 weeks.)

Candy Corn Frosted Soap

  • Wet your bar soap with warm water. Rub your washcloth or loofah a few times with the soap. Enjoy the conditioning and luxuriouos lather.

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