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No more shrinkwrap! Wrapping your handcrafted soaps has never been easier! I am a soap maker, and my husband and I figured there has to be a better way to wrap my soaps. If you're like me, and feel like you need an extra set of hands to wrap your soaps, this is the tool for you. When wrapping your soap, the hardest part is holding your fold on one side while trying to fold the other side, in efforts to get a nice tight, clean, professionally wrapped soap. With this tool the top slides over the first fold and holds it in place, leaving your hands free to fold the second flap. Whether this tool is for you the veteran soap artisan, or for your fresh new young helpers, it will save you both time and money on creating beautifully and consistently wrapped soaps. Each soap wrapping tool includes a custom sized template for your wrapping paper, so you know exactly what size to cut your paper. 

Directions: Simply cut your paper to the size of your bar as you normally would, then center the bar horizontally and vertically in the paper. Pop the paper and bar into the soap wrapping tool. Fold and crease the backside, then slide the holder over the fold to hold it down, freeing your hands to crease and fold the opposite side. Finally, seal with a sticker or piece of tape over both folds. Voila! A professionally wrapped soap that beautifully accents the artistry of your bar of soap. Please include the dimensionos of your bar of soap when ordering. Each tool is custom designed to fit your bar of soap. The sides of the holder are flexible so it's okay if the size of your bars varies a tiny bit because of textured tops and embeds.

Note: Works for square or rectangle-shaped bath bombs or fizzies. Each soap wrapping tool is made custom to fit your bar of soap. Please include a message stating the size of your soap bar. If you have multiple bars from various size molds, you'll need to order separate soap wrapping tools for each size. These are for bar shapes only. It does not work with round our elaborately shaped molds. Each one is hand made and takes 2-3 weeks to process. Due to Covid-19, access to certain supplies does vary, and may affect production time. 

Soap Wrapping Tool (Custom Made)

  • We do not currently offer returns at this time as each tool is custom designed to fit your bar. 

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