Shower Steamer Recipe


20 Oz Baking Soda

10 Oz Citric Acid

.5 Oz Lavender EO

.5 Oz Eucalyptus EO

Witch Hazel Spray




Large Bowl

Small Glass Bowl


Wax Paper

Step 1

Measure out baking soda and citric acid into a large bowl with a scale. Mix well. 

Step 2

Measure Lavender essential oil and Eucalyptus essential oil into small glass bowl on a scale, then slowly mix into dry ingredients. Will be clumpy in texture. (Tip: Wear gloves and facemask as these essential oils are very strong. 

Step 3

Spray with Witch Hazel three sprays at a time, and mix well with hands. Mashing and smashing to evenly distribute moisture. Repeat 3 to 4 more times, until mixuture holds together. 

Step 4

Press mixture into an aluminum or silicone mold, and turn out onto wax paper to dry for 24 hours.


How to Use

Place on floor of shower in indirect stream of warm water and let fizz. Breath in the essential oils to enjoy spa like experience. Great for unwinding after a long day. Enjoy!

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